Organic Breadman Bread

 Fresh Bread  (From The Breadman Organic Bakery)

Please note: Orders for bread need to be in by Thursday evening so I can send through our order to the bakery as they bake everything nice and fresh to order. If you would like to order a loaf (or loaves) with your order just email me through what you would like with your vege order. I pick up the bread fresh on a Monday morning so if you currently have delivery on a Sunday night if you are after bread with your order you will need to change your delivery to Monday to include bread.  Enjoy! 

Rye Sour Dough 700gm- $6.50 / 1kg -$8.50 Our signature bread. Rye Sourdough is a traditional German style, full flavoured rye bread. Rye Sourdough is best kept in a cool dark place – but not in the fridge – to allow it to develop it’s outer crust and ripen the flavour of the moist inner crumb. The sour dough culture used to leaven the bread is made by mixing ground rye and water. We use 100% rye flour to make a delicious wholegrain bread with a compact, springy texture and a tangy full flavour and aroma.

Mountain Rye  700gm- $6.50 / 1kg -$8.50 One of our most popular and enduring breads, Mountain Rye is baked to a traditional German recipe that produces the authentic taste and texture of a European bread. Only rye grain is used with a natural sourdough fermentation. Caraway seeds, fennel seeds and coriander add the extra taste sensation that keeps our customers coming back for more. 

Pumpernickel 700gm – $6.50 Our German style Pumpernickel is traditionally prepared and baked to produce a bread with a dark colour, dense texture and authentic, tangy taste. It is naturally high in dietary fibre and low in fats and sugar making it a filling and healthy lunch option.

Four Seed 700gm- $7 / 1kg -$8.50 This delicious whole grain bread contains the goodness of sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseed using freshly milled Wheat and Rye flours to produce firm textured bread that is equally good fresh or toasted.It is naturally fermented without yeast.

Hazel & Walnut 700gm – $7 / 1kg -$8.50 This flavoursome bread is made with freshly milled whole grains, nuts and sea salt – and that’s it. Our slow backferment process allows the flavours of the grains and nuts to develop into a delicious treat for breakfast, or a yummy snack anytime. Our Hazel and Walnut bread is full of nutty goodness.

Dinkel (Spelt Bread) 600gm $8 Our Dinkel loaf is made with 100% freshly milled spelt flour which produces a light coloured, fine textured bread with a slightly sweet, nutty flavour, naturally low in fat and carbs. The unmodified nature of spelt makes it low in gluten and therefore can be suitable for those who have a wheat intolerance or allergy. It can can be even tolerated by some people who are normally gluten-intolerant.

Gluten Free
Buckwheat & Corn 700gm – $8 A delicious gluten-free bread that has a great texture and tastes like ‘real’ bread! By using Buckwheat and Maize flours this bread is completely free from wheat and yeast. It is naturally fermented using a gluten free fermentation process which allows the bread to rise during the traditional preparation process without the need to add yeast.

Cassava Bread 700gm – $9 Cassava is our most popular Gluten Free bread due to it’s fabulous moist texture and delicious taste. Our slow and natural fermentation processes ensures that the bread rises to perfection without the need for yeast and of course you can be assured that it is made with 100% gluten free ingredients.