The Vege Plot is a small market garden based in Glentui (near Oxford) comprising of Aimee (the chief vegetable grower) and Baxter (the pooch) with Denise and John (the parents) helping out where they can. We’re all about growing vegetables that don’t just look good and taste amazing but are full of goodness too.

This is our first season growing vegetables for sale and are learning so much as we develop and grow and learn how to grow the best produce we can.

On our farm:

  • All veges are grown completely spray free and as organically as possible
  • We use “Beyond Organics” Fertilisers to fertilise crops with a focus on building the soil for the long term
  • All our packaging is sourced as eco-friendly as possible

In a nutshell our main aims are to grow bloody good veges, locally produced and sold in a way that makes the environment say yeehah!

If you want to experience the taste of fresh veges grown just like they should be, jump aboard and sign up to our weekly offerings by emailing us at hello@thevegeplot.co.nz

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