Our Story

A little of our background, our process, and how The Vege Plot came to be.

The Vege Plot all began in Spring 2016 in the back paddock of Denise and John’s (the parents) farm.

Denise and John thought they had settled in to a relaxing time of semi-retirement…but little did they know what was just around the corner when Aimee started digging up the back paddock! Before they knew it, John was roped into installing irrigation and Denise was spending her weekends washing vegetables. At the time, Aimee was working in administration and all other hours of the day were taken up planning, digging and preparing for The Vege Plot. When she decided to take the plunge and become a full-time vege grower, many people did wonder if she had gone crazy and how on earth she would make a living growing vegetables. But here we are and wow what a journey!

Since then we have added a small number of other products from other small businesses that share our philosophies on being sustainable, fresh and of course delicious! From the bread that is baked fresh to order, to the free range eggs – that you can rest assured means free range.

On our farm all veges are grown completely free of any commercial sprays (such as fungicides and pesticides).

We use natural and organically certified remedies on our plants, such as baking soda or milk to prevent powdery mildew on leaves and compost teas.

The reason we haven’t yet called ourselves “organic”, is purely because some of the inputs we use (such as large amounts of hay we were fortunate enough to be gifted), came from conventional farms who aren’t organic. As we progress, we will endeavour to find a more encompassing description!

We use environmental fertiliser “Beyond Organics” to fertilise crops, with a focus on building the soil for the long term. All of our packaging is sourced as eco-friendly as possible and we purposely reduce packaging where we can.

Meet the Team

Aimee Burton
Chief Vegetable Grower
John Burton
Fixer of all things and general handy person to have around
Denise Burton
Chief vege washer and packer
Team mascot

If you want to experience the taste of fresh vegetables grown just like they should be, check out how it works, then jump aboard and sign up to our weekly offerings!