5 ideas for cooking with beetroot


So many people have been asking me lately what they should do with beetroot.

I looooove using beetroot so I have put together a few ideas to get you started!

1 – Roast vegetable salad

Cut up all your favourite veges for roasting into small cubes (smaller than you would a roast vege mix), my faves are elephant garlic, carrots, beetroot pumpkin and yams and bake in the oven till soft. You can season with rosemary, paprika etc before you put them in the oven. Wait to cool, then pop on a bed of seasonal lettuce. You can also mix in nuts, seeds or cheese and a little natural yoghurt dashed over the top.

2 – Raw grated salad

When I am feeling especially healthy, I grate up beetroot, carrot and whatever other veges I have lurking around (in summer usually courgette and scallopinis) drain off any excess water and mix together with seeds, nuts, fresh herbs (and if you’re like me and partial to a little feta – add that) then finish with lemon juice squeezed over the top.

3 – Beetroot hummus

I have made this a few times and loved it! Basically just make a normal hummus using chickpeas, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, then add around 200gm of cooked beetroot and whip it all up in the blender. Makes for a colourful dip!

4 – Raw cubed

Have you ever tried beetroot raw? I often have a nibble on different vegetables as a snack as I am working! The other day I accidentally cut a beetroot in half while weeding, and thought I may as well eat it and you know what? It was delicious – crunchy and sweet! If you haven’t tried raw beetroot yet, give it a go!

5 – Beetroot chips

Just like potato chips, but made with beetroot! Slice the beetroot thinly, place on a tray in the oven and drizzle with olive oil (and rosemary and sea salt if you are feeling adventurous). Bake at 120ºC for 10 – 20mins until crispy.

If you have some ideas too, feel free to share in the comments![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

July 4, 2017


I whizz up raw thinly sliced beetroot in my berry and banana breakfast smoothie.

I have just got into smoothies but had never crossed my mind to put beetroot in there, though I am not sure why not I put all kinds of other bits and pieces in there! I have a really sweet golden beetroot which I often eat raw which would be just perfect for a smoothie, great idea!

Beetroot risotto is delicious and a seriously wonderful colour! Cut the beetroot into smallish cubes and roast in the oven, depends on the size of the cubes and how fresh the beetroot is but will take anywhere from 20 mins to 45 mins to roast. Meanwhile make a risotto is the usual way and add the roasted beetroot in at the end. As you stir it in the rice picks up the pinky colour and you end up with pink risotto 🙂 Adding in some rainbow chard adds to the earthy flavours. Yum.

Oooh that is a fantastic idea will definitely give this a try, I have a few different colourful varieties of beetroot at the moment so might do a beetroot risotto medley!

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