The Vege Plot, home of fresh, spray-free veges, grown the way they’re meant to be.

We are a small market garden with big plans to change the way people buy their vegetables! Based in Glentui, North Canterbury, all of our veges are naturally grown (no need to worry about chemicals on your fresh veges!) and harvested to order, before being delivered directly to your door or pick up point. This means they come to you as fresh as possible with nothing wasted!

We’re now into our second season growing vegetables – and wow what an amazing journey!

Our team consists of Aimee (the chief vegetable grower) with Denise and John (the parents) helping out where they can. On our farm all veges are grown completely free of any commercial sprays (such as fungicides and pesticides), with environmentally friendly and sustainable fertilisers and packaging, keeping our process as organic as possible. Check out our story for more on our growing process.

In a nutshell, our main aims are to grow bloody good, locally produced veges, sold in a way that makes the environment say yeehah!

We are always experimenting growing new and unusual vegetables so our customers can give something a try that you wouldn’t find in the supermarket (and wow your dinner guests!). From our micro-green salads and purple beans, to our rainbow carrots – we have a large range of veges to tantalise your taste buds.

If you want to experience the taste of fresh vegetables grown just like they should be, check out how it works, then jump aboard and sign up to our weekly offerings!